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Types of Fences

Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence can be described as creative, versatile, and attractive.  For many, it is an excellent choice.  If you purchase a chain link fence of decent quality, you can expect that you will have many years of value, privacy, and protection.  They come in many qualities, types, sizes, and colors.

They simply are not all the same.  Chain link fencing is made of four different elements:  framework, fabric, gates, and fittings.  All of these components are available in different protective coatings and in a range of weights.

The most common coating for chain link fencing is zinc, but you can also find them in a coating of polyester and vinyl color coatings.  The color treatments will make your fence look attractive and possibly even blend in with your landscaping.  Additionally, they will give you more protection against rust and corrosion.

Ornamental Iron Fence

A ornamental iron fence is a solid choice.  It will be easy for you to maintain and it can withstand the elements of the outdoors.  It is very decorative and will serve its purpose, but you will also not have to do much in terms of maintenance of an ornamental iron fence.   While wood fences need to be protected against the weather and will need to be repainted over time, a ornamental iron fence will usually only need to be painted when you wish to change the color of the fence.  This fence is sturdy, strong, and will not be blown over due to the wind, get damaged from a storm, or get chewed up or scratched up by your pets.

Wood Fence

A wood fence will provide you with a great way for you to protect your property and keep your family and pets contained and safe.  There are a number of different types of wood fences, and they include picket fences, privacy fences, rail fences, and split rail fences.  With a wood fence, you have a lot of variety.  In order to determine the best type of wood fence for you, you need to decide what your fence will be used for.   Are you going to be using it for protection of your property?  Is the wood fence for keeping people and animals out?  Is the fence to keep children or pets inside?  Are you using it to surround something for safety reasons, such as a pool? Are you interested in the fence for simply decoration?  These are questions for you to consider prior to choosing your type of wood fence.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is relatively new, but it is quickly gaining popularity.  Vinyl fencing can look like post and rail fencing, decorative iron fencing, or traditional wood fencing, yet it is made of PVC, or rigid polyvinyl chloride.  It has great curb appeal and is virtually maintenance free.  It is made of the same basic material as vinyl windows and siding.   There are two different types of vinyl fences:  mono-extrusion, or single layer fences, and co-extrusion, or two layer fences.  Many manufacturers promote mono-extrusion as the better type.

Vinyl Ranch Fence

With spacious landscape and fields of green, strong and reliable fencing is needed to accommodate the needs of a ranch. As livestock meanders about the land, grazing on grasses and hay, the likes of cattle, horses and sheep require strong boundaries that will keep them to their designated areas. Today, more and more people are discovering the satisfaction of establishing vinyl ranch fencing on their property. The trend also allows ranches to display an array of inviting colors and styles, yet keep durability resilient enough to hold a wide range of animals, including horses, ostriches, bison, elk, and emus.

Pipe Fence

Making an investment in new steel pipe fencing is not only an attractive, eye pleasing addition to your farm, ranch or suburban estate, it will add to the value of your property.  Pipe fencing is an extremely durable, versatile and reliable fencing system that provides years of service. Our professionally installed pipe fence will remain maintenance free for many years.


A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide stability or support. Handrails are commonly used while ascending or descending stairways and escalators in order to prevent injurious falls. Other applications include bathroom handrails which help to prevent falls on slippery, wet floorsand barres, which serve as training aids for ballet dancers. Handrails are typically supported by posts or mounted directly to walls.

Barbed Wire Fence

Barbed wire functions as an animal deterrent, keeping livestock and other large animals contained within or preventing them from entering an area. Features for Barbed wire are made up of double-stranded wire that has periodic sections where the strands are bent to form sharp barbs. In a typical barbed wire fence, there are usually four sections of this wire arranged parallel to one another and attached to fence posts.   The originating point for barbed wire was with an inventor in Illinois, but the spread of barbed wire occurred mainly in Texas at first, because of the large ranches and herds of cattle there.The invention of barbed wire permanently changed the course of America. Before barbed wire, cattle were free fed and not constrained, but barbed wire radically changed how farmers and ranchers approached property, and livestock protection and containment.


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